Sharing our travel experiences trip by trip

Happy New Year! To celebrate 2018 and our profound love of travel we decided to start a blog: Trip By Trip.

We are Danny and Timothy, two colleagues and friends who love to travel.

It all started when Timothy was in Taiwan in December 2017. As he travelled alone, he wrote a travel diary in Dutch for a private audience.

Danny loves to read hotel and flight reviews when researching a trip and he got inspired when reading Timothy’s travel diary. Why not start a travel blog? He pitched the idea to Timothy.

Getting started

We brainstormed about a basic concept and a name for the blog. Trip By Trip was born. The name was available on WordPress and the .org extension was also available.

The blog took shape quickly. The slogan would be ‘Move. Stay. Experience.‘. It perfectly sums up what you can expect on this blog. Train, flight and hotel reviews and blog posts about experiences.

We started blogging under the radar in December. To practice and to already offer you something to read. So you can read about flying business with LATAM, how to dress when you escape Winter to go to Summer, how the flight from Taiwan went, about staying in the royal suite at M Gallery in Interlaken, about the InterContinental in Warsaw and about ‘Grand Tour‘ the book and exhibition about North Korea.”

Keeping up

We aim at posting once a week. We have quite a few travels planned, together and separately. But we also have past experiences to share. So certainly in the beginning we’ll keep up the weekly posting.

Sometimes wee’ll have more to tell you and we’ll blog more often, sometimes we’ll blog less.

Where can you follow us? Here obviously. Subscribe on WordPress or add the RSS-feed to to your RSS-reader. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also mail us at TripByTripOrg @

We hope you enjoy our adventures.

Danny & Timothy

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