August 2021. Not only are there still coronavirus countermeasures, but I’m also on the lookout for activities which don’t involve eating and drinking. I really want to keep my weight in check. So after Troll Forest at De Schorre in Boom with Oriol, Thanh and I took the S32 train to Roosendaal, just across the…

Trollenbos in De Schorre in Boom

Looking for a nice place for a short hike, Oriol suggested back in August 2021 the Trollenbos or Troll Forest at De Schorre in Boom in the Province of Antwerp. De Schorre is the location for Tomorrowland.

2022 in the museums of Antwerp 

The museums of the City of Antwerp are preparing to welcome visitors with open arms in 2022, while ensuring of the safety of the public and staff. Many of the exhibitions that opened in autumn 2021 will continue into 2022.