Trollenbos in De Schorre in Boom

De Schorre

Looking for a nice place for a short hike, Oriol suggested back in August 2021 the Trollenbos or Troll Forest at De Schorre in Boom in the Province of Antwerp. De Schorre is the location for Tomorrowland.

“As if magic and mythology were involved, seven Scandinavian trolls took up residence in a ‘Magical Troll Forest‘ in De Schorre”, De Schorre website says. 

“But you have nothing to fear: the giants may look big – between four and eighteen meters high – and tough, in reality they are sweet and they wouldn’t hurt a fly.” 

Troll Forest.

At the request of Tomorrowland and De Schorre, artist Thomas Dambo from Denmark, land of fairytales, brought the trolls to life. Using old pallets, recycled wood, broken branches and fallen trees, he makes the most wonderful creations and mythical creatures that pop up all over the world.

No mapped out route

The troll forest is free of charge. There is no mapped out route, you are expected to go on a quest.

But there is a map. made its own map as well.

Not super easy

The troll forest is not fully wheelchair or pram accessible. You can see which parts are not accessible on the visitors’ map. Be sure to put on your walking shoes that can withstand some mud.

The 7 Trolls And The Magical Tower

Thomas Dambo wrote a backstory of the trolls.

They were seven good friends both together and alone

by the river in the valley in the forest they had home

they had seen the sun set and rise a million times

the seven trolls stood as tall as the pines

Una and Joures were friends for life and like to lay in the grass

watching the skies crawl by telling stories about the past

Mikil was strong as a dragon and always on his way

Kamiel was wearing a mask a new for every day

Arvid like to carve his dreams into ancient trees

Hannes to put pearls on a string for everyone to see

and little Nora had only seen the sun rise around a million times

she was still a growing troll with her tail and young mind

They could see past the forest to where the future emerged

they had seen civilizations crumble and new rise from the dirt

they had seen the mountains grow turn to ice melt and burn

seen the fish turn to birds and seen the continents turn

And now they saw these little people with actions so great

It could break what forever and ever had made

And the trolls got afraid life should never be borrowed

It was meant to be shared with the day of tomorrow

So the seven trolls gathered up on a mountain top

To find a new way the old way of now had to stop

and Kamiel spoke up – we must help them get better

the little people mean good but they are too young to be clever

Let’s build them a tower as tall as a troll

and show them all beings are one in the soul

It took them all winter by summer it was done

they then invited all the little people to come

And the little people walked to the top where they opened their eyes

and saw past the forests the mountains and skies

they saw to the future with tears in their eyes

what they saw no one knows but the eyes never lie.


We weren’t prepared for the quest so we shall return. Allowing more time to find them. If you fancy mud on your feet, there’s a Barefoot Trail as well.


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  1. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! Amazing place! Thank’s for share Timothy.
    Nice day!

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    1. Timothy says:

      It’s a fun little hike to do. Thank you Emvira.

      Have a great day.

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      1. elvira797mx says:

        That’s great! Thank’s Timothy.
        You as well.

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