Province of Antwerp scraps curfew and mandatory-at-all-times face covering

The Province of Antwerp scraps the curfew and the mandatory wearing of a face covering at all times. But governor Cathy Berx urges people to always have a face covering with you to wear when necessary.

The province is doing better now, with an reproduction number of 0.83.

So the Province of Antwerp is now reverting to the ‘regular’ coronavirus countermeasures implemented by the federal government of Belgium.

More on these here.

A few days ago, the federal government launched the campaign 11 Million Reasons to follow the six rules. 

  1. Respect the hygiene rules;
  2. Take your activities outside;
  3. Think about vulnerable people;
  4. Keep your distance (1.5m);
  5. Limit your close contacts;
  6. Follow the rules on gatherings.

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