How I pack for a short, intercontinental trip

Danny and I are preparing for a short trip of four days. Our first trip of 2018! So A carry-on bag is enough. What did I pack?

Even if Danny and I are bring little luggage, we will check our bags This means we don’t have to worry about fluids. Our destination is warm and tropical: we’re heading to Republic of Singapore, an Asian city-state not too far from the Equator. This means: very warm (30 degrees Celsius) and at least humid, probably wet wet wet.

On the first photo you can see what I’m bringing.


  • Trekking shoes from the North Face. I usually wear them during the flight but nit today. They’ll double up as gym shoes.
  • Beige chinos and a pink short sleeve shirt by H&M.
  • My Australian camo cargo shorts by I forgot which brand. Something I bought in Melbourne in 2011.
  • Pastel green sweatshirt by H&M. Against airconditioning.
  • Regular T-shirt, by H&M and Adidas.
  • Five pairs of briefs, by Calvin Klein, Bonds, Slazenger, Uniqlo and Puma. For variation.
  • Swim bag by the City of Antwerp.
  • Three pairs of long socks by H&M.
  • Four pairs of ankle socks by H&M and I think Target (bought in Chicago).
  • A bag of toiletries and basic medication. Something against headaches and something against uhm ‘easy bum’.
  • Gym equipment: one pair of shorts, two T-shirts by Adidas.
  • A football shirt and shorts as pyjamas, by Adidas.
  • Speedos by Adidas. Because I don’t care what people think. Well I do, but not in this matter.

In the second picture you see it all fits nicely.


Not pictured: I added my plain black baseball cap by H&M, my sunglasses by I forgot and a raincoat by Decathlon.

Also not pictured: my cabin bag. It’s a laptop backpag by Newfeel from Decathlon. In there I’ll put my laptop and mouse, all the wires, cables and chargers I need, Adaptors, my guidebooks, Printed out documents, and and two sets of briefs and socks. Also an extra T-shirt. So nice and full.

I’m ready to roll. I mean fly.

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