PHOTOS | Tel Aviv, city of dogs, caged children, French and electric bikes


I have already written how gay friendly Tel Aviv is. Tel Aviv is most certainly the LGBT-hotspot of Israel and the Middle East. But I observed other odd phenomena in The Bubble.

Who let the dogs out?

‘Everyone’, it seems, has a or more dogs in Tel Aviv. I’m not talking about stray dogs, but domestic specimens. As a result, you see many inhabitants waling their dog(s). Cave canem.

Behind bars

I saw this on my last day in The Bubble and it’s brilliant. Why transporting children in a Max-Cosi if you can put them behind bars?


Pardon my French

Harder to show in pictures, but these pétanque players spoke French. Many people in Tel Aviv do. So watch your mouth, sacrebleu!


It’s electrifying

Bicycles are very popular in Tel Aviv. As are steps. But specifically bikes and steps of the electric persuasion.

Beware of them. As a pedestrian, you don’t hear, except when they are using their bell for you to make way. Because users of these electric vehicles are ruthless, shameless and careless.

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