PHOTOS & VIDEOS | Antwerp Pride 2018

On Saturday 11 August pink Antwerp in Belgium assembled at the river Scheldt for the Antwerp Pride Parade. Perfect weather conditions drew some 100,000 participants and spectators to the city centre.

For elaborate reports on the complete Antwerp Pride festival and Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, head to Be Out.

But I’d like to share with you a video and some images of this year’s parade and follow-up party Love United Festival. As I am writing this, quite few people are partying all night long.


Antwerp Pride is not the biggest, which you can expect from a town of 500,000 inhabitants. But Antwerp Pride really brings people together if you’ll excuse the cliché.

Many activists, volunteers and aficionados roll up their sleeves to almost a full year long to organise this pride festival. Yes, they get some help from Het Roze Huis – çavaria Antwerpen (The Pink House) and they have quite few allies in the city government and in the civil servants corps. But the core team of Antwerp Pride are a group of activists who do this because they like it and because the want to do something good.

The photos in the Flickr album are by Dennis, who made them for Be Out. To see the album, you have to click on the photo below. 

Antwerp Pride Parade 2018 (door Dennis De Roover)

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