From Toulouse to discovering Montpellier

After my day at the Aeroscopia museum, I headed onwards towards Montpellier, my next stop on this itinerary. As it was a beautiful day I decided to take a walk to the Toulouse-Matabiau station from the Crowne Plaza Toulouse hotel.


To get to Montpellier I travelled on local “TER” trains. The first TER took me from Toulouse to Narbonne, this one was operated by a new electric multiple unit of the Regiolis type. They have been in the news when they were brand new, as they were too wide and some platforms had to be scraped off to allow them into service. They are some very nice trains to travel on with different types of seating and plenty of luggage storage space, only the air-conditioning was a bit too cold to my liking.

The route followed the foot of the Pyrenees mountains and was mostly in a relatively flat valley, only once we passed Carcassonne did the line start turning and twisting a bit more as we crossed the coastal range to get to the final stop of Narbonne.

In Narbonne I changed onto a slightly older “AGC” unit, which was decorated in the local colours on the outside. Inside the colour scheme was somewhat warmer, only the idea of putting light-coloured carpet on the ceiling was not so good as you could clearly see some black stains from the air-conditioning vents.

This train followed the coastlines northwards, although a bit more inland, and served some well-known resorts liken Agde and Sete. Upon arrival in Montpellier there was a big ticket check before leaving the station and soon after I headed to my hotel, the Crowne Plaza Montpellier-Corum, to drop off my bags.

Montpellier consists of 2 main parts, the old town centre on top of a hill and a new planned city reaching from the old city centre at Comedie towards the river. First I walked the new part towards the river, even though the architects made use of the same type of stone as used in the old city and tried to use a similar style I was not really moved by it.

The old town centre on the other hand was very picturesque and especially the Arc de Triomphe and the small park behind it where very nice to see and visit.

In the evening we ended with a dinner at Insense, they offered a contemporary and delicious 3 course meal at an acceptable price in a beautiful setting.

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