The Netherlands to introduce a flight tax


There we go. The Dutch government wants to introduce a flight tax of 7 euros per plane ticket, regardless of the destination or the ticket price. It’s no surprise.

The tax will be introduced in 2021 as The Netherlands want to give the European Union time to introduce a flight tax at European level. But if the EU doesn’t, the tax will become reality.

7 euros? The government contemplated a tax of 3.80 euros for flights within Europe and 22 euros for intercontinental flights. But this would make it too complex for the Tax Authority.

The environnement

The flight tax is being implemented for environmental purposes, but a study by CE Delft on behalf of the Ministry of Finance shows 95% of travellers will continue to fly.

The other 5% may also just drive t an airport abroad.

According to NL Times, the government knows this.


Let’s face it. 21 euros instead of 15 is almost half more. But what is 7 euros extra on a 300 euro ticket? Peanuts.

Nevertheless this evolution shows change is in the air.


Will this flight tax create a momentum to change travel mentality? A ‘modal shift’ as it’s called?

Although booking trains internationally still is a major challenge, which is honestly quite outraging, pan-European train travel is on the rise. Low-cost trains, better marketing and creating new and convenient train links can persuade travellers to at least consider taking the train.


We’re fans, if you hadn’t noticed.

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