Six not too obvious cities to discover

Where next? We have been travelling together since 2013. Together or separately, we have fallen under the charm of some cities we didn’t expect to.

So after London, Paris, New York or Tokyo, why not go to…



We haven’t talked about Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on Trip By Trip yet. Danny did review our stay at the Crowne Plaza there. We visited Belgrade on our Balkan trip in 2017 and were more than pleasantly surprised by its architecture and cityscape.

Landmarks include the Kalemegdan or Belgrade Fortress and the Saint Sava Temple, Serbia’s largest orthodox church.

Former Yugoslavia is still recovering from the civil war of the nineties, but this shouldn’t put you off going.

Allow two to three days.



Singapore is probably famous with travelers as airport to connect to somewhere in Asia. But we decided to go to this independent city-state because we had great rates at the InterContinental.

We stayed 77 hours in Singapore, in which we almost did ‘everything’ there is to do. Singapore is more than the Marina Bay Sands, the Formula 1 circuit and the Singapore Flyer.

We were won over by the MacRitchie Reservoir and its HSBC TreeTop Walk and by the Battlebox, a WWII heritage museum. Also try the Night Safari at the Zoo.

We stayed 77 hours: two half days and two full days. We could have used an extra day to go to the island of Sentosa.



Taipei is the capital city of the Republic of China, much better known as Taiwan. Timothy‘s visit to Taiwan sparked the start of this blog.

Taipei is much more than its monuments and museums: it’s a nice place to stay. The inhabitants are much easier to talk to than people in Tokyo, Japan or Seoul, South Korea.

Especially to be recommended to solo travellers. Also try a bathhouse and enjoy the great food.

To see what you need to see: three to four days. To enjoy yourself on many levels: five to six days.



Danny visited Turin on the 2018 France, Italy and Switzerland rail tour. Torino has plenty palazzo‘s to visit. The National Automobile Museum and FIAT‘s former factory at Lingotto has a car test track on its roof.

Being a former capital of Italy, Turin has a lot more history to it than you might expect, combined with it’s very friendly and welcoming inhabitants you get a sense of true Italian hospitality 

One or two days.



No, there aren’t that many must-see landmarks in Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. But it’s such a nice city to be in. People are friendly, it’s cheaper than the United States and the general atmosphere is nicer.

We can definitely recommend the Canada Flyover, the Shipyards Night Market in North Vancouver and the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.

Three days, easy.



We stayed exactly 24 hours in Zagreb in Croatia. We got off the night train from Belgrade to Zürich at 6 or 7PM and got on the next one 24 hours later.

In that day, we ate a nice restaurant, saw Zagreb by night and wandered around by day. We managed to see the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum and the funny because relatable Museum of Broken Relationships.

One or two days.

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