An airline meal for the holidays

Airline meals usually get the reputation of being boring and uninspirational, just like the small and dry sandwiches airlines like Lufthansa and Air Serbia serve. To counter this prejudice United Airlines decided to release a cookbook highlighting the different types of delicious meals they serve in their business class cabin, all created with the help of chefs from The Trotter Project.


At my previous job, working for American Airlines, I had to chance to partake in a catering presentation. Here I was presented how the meals on board the planes where designed, produced and of course tasted during a tasting session. I learned a lot during this presentation and it showed me that airlines nowadays do try their best to provide you with a tasty and balanced airline meal.

In our recent travels in Cathay Pacific business class we enjoyed some of the best meals we had on a plane, while LATAM managed to bring a simple salad to the next level and SAS provided some very nice meals in their long-haul economy class. This proved to us that eating in the skies can be very enjoyable and the prejudice about plane food is often unjustified.


So why not get United’s new Cookbook and present a Business Class airline meal on your next holiday party with family and friends, it sure would be original!

What are your thoughts about plane food? What where the best and worst meals you got to enjoy in the skies? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Pauline Y says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t think of an airline meal that has made a lasting impression on me


    1. Timothy says:

      That’s unfortunate, because sometimes it can be surprisingly good…


  2. Pauline Y says:

    Maybe one day when I win the lottery and get to fly first class all the time it might be different….

    By the way, I noticed you have followed my old website. I post from this one now ^_^


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