What happens when an airline loses your bag

In the month of April I made a week-long trip with Michel, discovering German aviation history in Friedrichshafen, Danish Railways History in Odense and navigating the sea to discover some Estonian history in Tallinn. After landing in Billund after our Sun Air of Scandinavia flight from Düsseldorf, we discovered that my bag did not fly with us.

While checking-in for our flight in Friedrichshafen we could already sense that something might go wrong, as it is not common to have a through-checked bag on Sun Air they desperately searched for a transfer tag but could not find them. Instead they attached a priority tag and hoped for the best.

We had a very nice flight on Sun Air from Friedrichshafen to Billund via Düsseldorf, and despite some delays enroute we arrived more or less on time in Billund. Standing at the baggage belt Michel could grab his bag while mine never showed up.

Of course we immediately went to the baggage service desk to tell them my bag was not on the belt.

Last time my bag did not travel with me on Scandinavian Airlines to Chicago the lady at the desk filled in a report, in Billund however you have some self-service kiosks to file the report yourself.

The guy at baggage services took us over there and helped us fill in the report, meanwhile he also checked the status of my bag. Apparently my bag was still standing in Düsseldorf and they had forgotten to load it onto the flight for Billund. After completing the form I received a mail with my tracking code. So I could use Worldtracer to follow up on the status of my bag.

After asking for an emergency kit (as of course all my toiletries where in my checked bag), I received a nice British Airways branded kit.

It contained a white t-shirt, some shaving cream and a shaver, a deodorant, body lotion, a combined shampoo and shower gel, a comb and of course a toothbrush and toothpaste.

If your bag is delayed you are entitled on an amount to buy emergency stuff like a change of clothes. In the old days the airlines just handed you that sum in cash at the airport, nowadays you have to buy the stuff yourself and then file a reimbursement claim.

When my bag was delayed by SAS in Chicago, they paid back my expenses without any problems (within the limit they set beforehand). British Airways just stipulates “a reasonable value”, so it is more debateable for what is considered “reasonable”. Of course I went for some shopping for necessary items and claimed the expenses.


After handling all things at the airport we took a bus to the station of Vejle from where we had a connecting train to Odense, where we would spend the night at the Radisson Blu HC Anderson Hotel.

In the evening around 21:00 I received a phone call from British Airways telling me my bag had arrived on the evening flight from Dusseldorf and how it was best to get it to me. They said they only had a delivery driver the next day, but that way my bag wouldn’t get to the hotel in Odense before my check-out.

Sending it to Malmö was not an option either, as they could not send a road courier there and they would have to send it by plane to Malmö airport from where they could send out a delivery driver but that would take a few days to organise.

After the agent noticed I had silver status at Finnair it suddenly was possible to send a special courier that night to bring my bag to my hotel in Odense. First thing in the morning I went to check at the front desk and my bag was indeed delivered, having gained a number of extra tags on the way.


In the end all was well and I was reunited relatively fast with my bag, but you could sense the airline tried to save money in all possible ways. So if your bag is lost or delayed don’t forget to ask about the emergency kit and compensation and try to negotiate a swift delivery of your bag.

Did your bag ever get lost or delayed by the airline and how was it solved for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Lufthansa lost my luggage between Frankfurt and Casablanca in 2017. So I spent 3 weeks in Morocco buying new clothes and dressing native. The bag was waiting for me when I returned to Casablanca. Then I got charged for an extra bag on my flight home! I fought the charge but I only got about $35 for the lost clothing, for lack of receipts from the street vendors I bought things from. It didn’t wreck my trip though, and in fact I think the next time I travel, I’ll just pack a handbag and buy whatever I need in the country I’m visiting…


    1. Timothy says:

      That’s 💩. But glad you took it somehow well!


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