VIDEO | Flight and train review YouTube channels we follow

Some can’t wait for the next episode of ‘Game of Thrones‘, we enjoy travel videos on YouTube. Especially flight reviews and videos about train rides.

Who do we like to watch? In no particular order.

Wingin’ It with Paul Lucas

Paul Lucas from the United Kingdom posts a mix of flight and train reviews. A mix we love. He’s down to earth and his reviews are elaborate but concise.


Dominik Bamberger and Stefan Bamberger from Germany cater for a German-speaking audience on YouTube. Their long reviews mostly cover flights and airline lounges. Sometimes they vlog in English.

All The Stations

Geoff Marshall and Vicki Pipe travelled to All The Stations in Great Britain. All 2,563 of them. They also travel outside GB.

Alvin Tse

Alvin Tse from Hong Kong young but flies often in business class. He hasn’t uploaded that many videos yet.

Cruise with Ben & David

Ben and David from the UK love to cruise. So besides cruise (ship) reviews they make cruise travel hack videos.

Cabin & Cockpit

Pilot Dominik, Felix, Lukas and Niklas from Germany run Cabin & Cockpit, a channel dedicated to flight reviews and aviation news.

Simply Railway

French channel Simply Railway makes train reviews from trips in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK. His name? No idea.

You may have noticed a lack of women. Do you have any suggestions? Which travel channels do you follow?

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