VIDEO | Flight and train review YouTube channels we follow II

We enjoy watching travel videos and reviews on YouTube.

After a first batch, here are some more channels you may enjoy.

Nonstop Dan

Daniel Goz (22) was born in London, but has family in the United States and in Sweden. On YouTube he is known as Nonstop Dan. He flies around the world usually in business class or in first. He’s vegan and drinks little to no alcohol. Sometimes you can spot his boyfriend Oskar.


SOPLANE aka Nik from Scotland does a great job at hiding is surname. (Almost?) All his videos are speechless, but offer comprehensive reviews.


German pair Nikolas Lediger and Lukas Bauer from FlightExperience are young avgeeks who vlog without speaking. That’s a bit odd but they’re not alone at that.

Go Travel Your Way

Josh Cahill is a naughty boy from Germany. His reviews are harsher than others and he masters the art of getting into trouble.

Sam Chui

Sam Chui was born in Beijing in China but grew up mostly in Hong Kong. He not only posts reviews, but also other items such as launches and airport visits.


Tobi from Germany manages Zug2013 as German rail documentary channel.

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