VIDEO | Trying out London Thameslink in ‘The Core’



Thameslink is a 24-hour, 115-station main-line route in the British railway system running from Bedford, Luton, Peterborough and Cambridge via central London to Sutton, Orpington, Sevenoaks, Rainham, Horsham and Brighton.

Danny and I were in London in August. We tried Thameslink in The Core. The Core is the part of Thameslink between St. Pancras International and Blackfriars near Tate Modern. You can use your Oyster Card.

Siemens Desiro City EMU’s are used to operate the light. Desiro EMU’s are everywhere. The NMBS/SNCB has Desiro Mainline EMU’s. In the United Kingdom, Desiro EMU’s are called Class 700.

The Class 700 are ‘high on their feet’ to accommodate the high platforms in Great Britain. The interior designs differs somewhat from Belgian Desiro units but items such as the overhead racks are very recognizable.

There’s also a space for large luggage and bikes. The units are longer than in Belgium.


Have you tried Thameslink? What do you think?

With the help of Wikipedia.

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