CORONAVIRUS | Flemings expect to be able to go abroad in September


33% of people of Flanders expect to be able to go on vacation within Belgium as of July. 16% as of August, 15% as of September. 17% expect to be able to travel outside the kingdom as of July, 10% as of August, 20% as of September. 35% expect to have to wait until 2021.

Gazet van Antwerpen conducted the survey at the end of April.

42% of the participants see the Belgian Coast as a destination, 35% the Ardennes. Coast or Ardennes are the Two Major Top Of Mind Destinations for Belgians in Belgium.

32% sees Flanders besides the coast as an option. 34% The Netherlands, 33% France, 22% Germany, 13% Spain, 8% Italy, 9% Austria.

The age groups 18-30 and 31-45 are the most eager to travel.

Mode of transport

Before coronavirus COVID-19 54% planned to go by car and 31% by plane. After COVID-19 it’s 78% and 23%.

The 18-30s chose plane (50%) above car (45) before the virus. No the car wins with 81% and the plane only 37%.

Numbers for train travel weren’t divulged.

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