RECAP | Scotland, our first trip together


This summer, Danny recounted our first trip together. That was Scotland, back in 2013. It was the first time I did a train trip.

I’m grateful Danny is digging into his memories. Reading his seven-episode tale, I realised I had forgotten many anecdotes and started mixing up memories from other trips. It’s the main reason we started Trip By Trip in 2017. Almost three years ago now.


I’m not going to retell everything. Here are Danny’s posts.

  1. Antwerp to Inverness.
  2. Inverness to Aberdeen.
  3. Aberdeen to Edinburgh.
  4. Edinburgh.
  5. The West Highland Line (also known as the Harry Potter Line).
  6. Glasgow.
  7. Glasgow to Belgium.

More than London

This Scotland trip wasn’t my first foray outside London in the United Kingdom, but it was my first outside South England. The UK is definitely more than London, Kent and Sussex.

This Scotland trip opened my eyes how beautiful and interesting the UK can be. Also how not expensive the kingdom is outside the capital.

But perhaps more importantly, this vacation showed how fun travelling with trains are, were the journey really is the destination.

Scottish cities

I remember Aberdeen being very wet and Inverness colder than we like. I also remember not always great lodgings. But hey, our budget was way lower then and weren’t into points and awards programs just yet. And no, there weren’t that bad at all.

For some reason we kept getting disabled accessible rooms. It was the running gag of the trip.


I did enjoy Edinburgh and Glasgow very much. I love capital cities, castles and palaces. The Museum of Edinburgh had a display of mobile phones. It’s important to keep those Nokia 3310s and first iPhones as relics of the past.

The start of something deep

So yes, Scotland 2013 was a precursor of many, many travels together. We have long term plans going until 2023, and even further. We tend to look at each other’s calendars before planning other trips with other people.

Finding a such travel mate were we never really argue, we have 99% same interests is so rare. That’s real friendship.


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