REVIEW | The Gyle London

June 2022. Making the best of four weeks off, after the Mediterranean cruise for Danny and Mexico for Timothy, we organised a train trip in England. On the menu: Bletchley Park, the night train to Penzance, the Dartmouth Steam Railway and the Isle of Wight. On the last day, we roamed around London to sample the new Elizabeth Line.

As when we booked out Eurostar tickets in early 2022 there was still a limited timetable in place we were forced to travel on a morning departure back to Brussels, thus we had to book an overnight stay in London. This time we chose The Gyle located at Argyle Square, very close to London St. Pancras. Initially we walked past the hotel as it is relatively anonymously located in a row of Georgian houses without any big signage. After tracing back out steps we found a very small plaque next to the main entrance door and we entered the hotel.

in The entrance corridor you immediately had a door to the first room, Room 001, before you reached the small desk in the corridor where reception was performed. We swiftly received our keys and walked through the communal space in the rear of the hotel to the stairs in the house where our room was located.

It was a basement room, but it featured a nice open garden from the French doors.

The room itself was rather spacious for London standards, with two comfortable single beds and a separate seating area. They also used a very nice and peculiar design, which all is linked through the story the hotel is built around.

There was a minibar with coffee and tea facilities.

The bathroom was enclosed in glass walls, which where luckily not fully see-through.

It was nicely decorated and the use of an aircraft trolley to store additional items scored extra originality points.

The use of dark coloured porcelain for the toilet was questionable however as one can imagine it being more difficult to see whether it’s clean or not. The biggest downside of the room was that it was located under the communal room which was used as a bar in the evening and at night, providing us with the sounds scraping chairs and footsteps from the people enjoying it.

In the morning the communal room was used for breakfast. There were some refrigerators with pre-made platters of charcuteries and other cold stuff, while you also had some scales with breads and other baked goods as well as coffee, tea and juices. After a week of typical English Breakfasts we were happy with this alternative take on breakfast.

Obviously as this was a rather small hotel it didn’t have any spa or fitness facilities. We had an enjoyable night however and it is a very good address to stay for catching your morning Eurostar.

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