REVIEW | Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul Ataturk Airport

During our mileage run to Istanbul we still flew to the old Istanbul Ataturk Airport, slowly but surely all flights are or will be transferred to the new Istanbul Airport.

This review will be about the old Turkish Airlines Flagship Lounge in Ataturk Airport, hopefully we will get the chance to visit the new lounge in the new airport in the future.


The Turkish Airlines lounge in Ataturk Airport is a massive lounge, already at check-in you notice you are just another number on the production line of this factory. You will not get a sense of exclusivity at this lounge, but it does feature enough to make it vastly superior to other airport lounges.


The lounge is divided over two floors, connected by a beautiful central staircase in an area which is called the ‘Olive Garden‘. On the main floor you have baggage storage lockers right after entering the lounge, where you can keep your items safely without having to lug them around.


Both upstairs and downstairs you have different seating options, both sofas and coffee tables as well as proper tables and chairs for dining.


Both floors also offer several food and beverages stations with plenty of made to order items if you wish to. Of course you can also taste some typical Turkish coffee, tea and pastries.


On the lower level you also have a digital golf court where you can play some golf, but we didn’t try it out.


Next to the golf there was a miniature racetrack, which I’m sure we would have tested if I was travelling with Timothy.


The toilets can be found on both upper and lower levels and feature an antechamber where you can have a seat along the washbasins if you like. As there is a dedicated restroom attendant, every toilet gets cleaned after use, so you will always have a clean toilet.


The Turkish Airlines lounge is a really nice lounge, so I’m curious how their new lounge at the new airport will be like.

Have you ever visited the Turkish Airlines lounge? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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