Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London

Shakespeare’s Globe is a 1997 replica of the Globe Theatre (1599-1642). It is used for shakespearean productions.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is arguably the English language’s most revered author. It’s an obsession. So it’s not a surprise his theatre was recreated.

Besides attending plays by Shakespeare, you can take a tour of the premisses. In 40 minutes you will get a brief history of London, why the Theatre was located across the Thames, outside the City of London.


Obviously, you will see the hemicycle. The tour is quite short. In 40 minutes you get a sample of 17th Century London. But in its brevity you’ll increase your knowledge of that period in history, which you will be able to show off in casual conversations.

For the tour, you don’t need to book tickets in advance. For plays, it’s best you do.


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  1. Great photos! Did you see a play? And if you did, did you repeat the words along with the cast like they did from the cheap seats during Shakespeare’s time? : )

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    1. Timothy says:

      No we didn’t.

      Also, as non-native speakers, we’re not immersed in Shakspeare culture. I couldn’t repeat the words of his plays… 😉

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