Antwerp’s shopping street Meir to get a facelift


The Meir, the main shopping in street in Antwerp in Belgium will receive a facelift in the years to come.

Gazet van Antwerpen reveals it as a part of the multi-year budget of the City of Antwerp.

The facelift is not a surprise. Plans for this were revealed in 2015. The purpose is to have one long walking boulevard from Antwerp-Central railway station via De Keyserlei, the Teniersplaats, the Leysstraat, the Meir, Meirbrug and Schoenmarkt to the Groenplaats.

The project is nicknamed Via Sinjoor. Via, Spanish and Latin for road and Sinjoor is the nickname for citizens of Antwerp. It’s an evolution of the Spanish word señor.

The last major changes to the Meir date of 1993, when it was largely pedestrianised.


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  1. nessamcc says:

    Fewer cars is always good. Do you know where we can see the plans? I hope they will incorporate a clear bike path -at the moment it’s not great for either cyclists or pedestrians, with cyclists weaving amongst shoppers.


    1. Timothy says:

      I don’t know where we can see the plans.

      As for a clear bike path, I fear the worst. These mixed spaces for everyone are very en vogue.

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