Antwerp Pride to launch TV channel and organise walking trail on parade route

In a newsletter, Antwerp Pride has announced launching a TV channel at the end of July. As coronavirus COVID-19 makes any mass event impossible, Antwerp Pride is looking for alternatives.

One of these is a walking trail with ‘photo stops’ consisting of portraits of queer people who where pivotal in Antwerp’s LGBT history. The trail will follow the Antwerp Pride 2019-2020 route and culminate at contemporary arts museum M HKA which will hold a special exhibition. 

But the organising committee is looking for outside input. So if you think of someone who is not famous for his, her or their work and involvement, but deserves a spot in the limelight, send an email to before 30 June.

On 8 July, Antwerp Pride is holding a press conference with more news.

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