REVIEW |  ‘The New Brussels Airlines’ A320 Business Class 

Brussels Airlines recently revealed a new branding, introducing ‘a new chapter’ for the airline. According to the press release, this new chapter has a “strong focus on customer experience, reliability and sustainability”. So of course we wanted to check it out. This is how the new Brussels Airlines looks like in business class on the Airbus 320.

Flight details

  • Flight number: SN2607.
  • Aircraft: Airbus 320-214
  • Route: Brussels to Frankfurt.
  • Estimated flight time: 1h 15 minutes.
  • Booking class: Business
  • Seat: 1F

The experience

Check-in at the airport was uneventful. I won’t be reviewing the lounge, because there is a pretty recent review of The Loft on this website and not much has changed since. The freshly painted 319 that Brussels Airlines used to present the new livery was at a gate, waiting for a flight to Berlin. Unfortunately it was close to impossible to get a decent photo of it due to the reflections of the windows.

SN’s new livery.

We were flying a 320 that is still in the old livery. If you want more details about the cabin lay-out of the 320 of Brussels Airlines, I gladly refer to this review we’ve made earlier. As the rebranding of Brussels Airlines is ongoing, both logos are visible inside the aircraft.

Brussels Airlines’ business seat.

We had a punctual departure. The captain informed us that the actual flight time would only be 40 minutes, so we would arrive ahead of schedule in Frankfurt. As we climbed out, we could enjoy a really beautiful sunrise.


A few minutes later the seatbelt sign was switched off and the inflight service could start. This is what we were served:

The Lonely Muffin.

I didn’t expect a full three course meal on a 40 minute flight, but this is very very basic, no? This was all the service there was. No bottle of water before departure, no other frills, nothing. Just a wrapped muffin and a cardboard cup of coffee.

Parent company Lufthansa recently changed to a buy on board menu in short haul economy class. Prior to that, service in economy was really similar to what Brussels Airlines is currently serving in business class.

By the way our business class meal is also to be found in the buy-on-board menu for economy class passengers. Brussels Airlines values this business class product at 5 euros. Good to know…

Brussels Airlines’ menu deal.

So Brussels Airlines says they now have a “strong focus on customer experience, reliability and sustainability”, and then they serve you a bland muffin wrapped in plastic as a business class product? C’mon!

Just as a comparison: this is what KLM serves in similar routes:

KLM meal.

Bottom line

The rebranded Brussels Airlines with a strong focus on customer experience and sustainability serves a bland muffin wrapped in plastic as a ‘meal’ on a business class flight. No chinaware, no frills. Some airlines have better service in economy than this. Brussels Airlines really needs to step up its game or stop offering business class altogether.  

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