VIDEO | ICNG, the 2024 Benelux train from Amsterdam to Brussels 

If fresh coronavirus countermeasures in the Netherlands hadn’t spoiled the weekend, the Nederlandse Spoorwegen or NS would have presented their new train, the ICNG. An acronym for Intercity Nieuwe Generatie, Intercity New Generation. Its nickname is ‘The Wasp‘. 


The ICNG is an electric multiple unit trainset planned to be operated by NS for high-speed intercity services in the Netherlands and in Belgium. It is built by Alstom based on their Coradia Stream platform.

It is intended to directly replace the Bombardier TRAXX locomotives and Intercity Rijtuig coaches which currently operate intercity services on the South High Speed Line. These in turn replaced the failed AnsaldoBreda V250 trains which operated under the Fyra brand. And Fyra was a flop.

Gentle start

These EMUs will be launched soon on the RotterdamSchiphol route. Although they are capable of reaching 200 kph, they will at first run at 160 kph so they blend in better in the current train traffic. 

From 2024, they are scheduled to replace the locomotive hauled coaches on the Benelux route. Also called ‘Amsterdammer‘ and ‘Brusselaar‘, this train connects Brussels to Amsterdam. The itinerary has changed over the years, but connecting the capitals have always been the purpose. 

Three classes

There are three classes: 3100, 3200 and 3300. The 3100 class is five coaches long and is will run on 1.5 kV DC power. The classic Dutch system. NS ordered 49 such EMUs.

The eight-coaches 3200 will be capable to run on 1/5 kV DC and 25 kV AC, so it can also use the High Speed Lines. 30 such units have been ordered. 

The eight-coaches 3300 will be capable to go to Belgium, as it will also be fitted with 3.0 kV DC capability. 30 such units have been ordered. 



The livery is yellow and blue, the striking NS colours. Inside second class has blue 2+2 seats. There are 4-seater configurations featuring tables. First class has red seats in a 2 + 1 configuration. There power outlets and USB ports everywhere. 

NS is proud of the overhead bag compartments. You can also put a bag under your seat. 

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  1. Denzil says:

    Can’t make my mind up whether it’s beautiful or ugly! Certainly eye-catching.

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    1. Timothy says:

      You’re not alone. I quite like it.


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