REVIEW |  Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt Airport

Right before the pandemic started we posted a review about the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge in Frankfurt. In the meantime Lufthansa refreshed it’s lounges, so let’s see how they’ve changed.

Lufthansa has several lounges in Frankfurt. We will be reviewing the lounge near gate A26. We were at the entrance of the lounge near gate A51 first. But a staff member informed us this lounge was very crowded and invited us to visit the nearby A26, as it was closer to our departure gate and it would be quieter there.

Entry to the lounge.

As we arrived, we had to show our vaccination certificate before we were even allowed to proceed to the reception desk where our boarding passes were scanned.

Lounge reception.

If this lounge was ‘more quiet’ than the other one, I can only imagine how busy the lounge near gate A51 must have been. Because this lounge was packed, with barely any available seats.

A crowd.

Interior and design

I waited for a while until the lounge was less crowded to snap some pictures. The lounge is divided in a few parts with either restaurant style seating and parts with relaxing chairs. Here and there big aviation themed photos separate the lounge into smaller parts. As an avgeek, I appreciate the design.

So, what do we think of the refurbished Lufthansa lounges? Lufthansa won’t be featured in designer magazines for this. If you take a look at the new Finnair lounge in Helsinki or the new KLM Crown Lounge in Amsterdam, they clearly wanted to blow you away with their design. This one is more sober, but it is elegant and perfectly nice. It doesn’t give you a ‘wow’-feeling, but maybe that’s not what Lufthansa is aiming for?


About the food and the drinks: there was a buffet with a breakfast setup when we visited. The selection wasn’t huge but decent enough.

At the breakfast buffet was also a self service coffee machine. Around the corner was a serviced bar with a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We didn’t really take advantage of it at this time of day, but I noticed a few other passengers with a ‘five-o’clock-somewhere’ mentality. Can’t blame them… 😉 

To conclude the food and drink offer there was a little setup with both candy and salted nuts.


A separate business area with desks is available for those who need to work. A nice touch for the busy bees amongst us: I visited a Lufthansa lounge months ago, and because of that my laptop connected automatically with the wifi. In way too many lounges you need to connect to a portal first and provide too much unnecessary information. So I like this simple wifi system of the Lufthansa-lounges.


Then there was a shower and restroom area. The restrooms were quite remarkable: there were only four restrooms for men, however every restroom featured both a toilet and a urinal.

Urinal and toilet.

Another funny detail was the hand soap of L’Occitane en Provence: it actually was shower gel rather than hand soap.

There was a place to dispose of needles. Is this for people who have diabetes or for drug abusers to at least dispense their needles properly? It left me puzzled. 

Needle disposer.

If you’re planning on taking a walk through the airport or something, you can also store your luggage here.


The lounge has large windows with nice views on the apron, we’ve seen some gorgeous planes passing by. Hello Lufthansa 747-8 and Etihad Dreamliner!

Bottom line

Will this lounge win a reward? I guess not. But it’s a perfectly nice place to spend some time before a flight. The food and drink offer is not huge but decent enough, the design is simple but elegant and the wifi is fast and good. The great views on the apron are a big plus.

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