REVIEW | Lufthansa A321 neo Business Class with new ‘Tasting Heimat’ menu 

Funchal Airport.

Lufthansa recently upgraded its short haul business class product with ‘Tasting Heimat‘ menus. The menus are inspired by German cities and ingredients should be more locally sourced and seasonal

Flight details

  • Flight number: LH1170.
  • Aircraft: Airbus 321-271 neo.
  • Route: Frankfurt to Funchal.
  • Estimated flight time: 4h 15 minutes
  • Booking class: Business
  • Seat: 2F

After a visit to the revamped Lufthansa lounge we walked to our gate where we saw our beautiful A321 neo waiting for us. Flightradar informed us this plane was brand new, so boy I was excited.

Lufthansa’s new livery.

Cabin and seat

I got even more excited when I found out this plane was featuring the new Lufthansa cabin. They revealed this new cabin layout recently and it will be introduced on all Lufthansa airlines, like Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and Swiss

LH’s new seats.

These new seats are not the best padded seats out there, but they were comfortable enough. Leg room was generous, at least in row two. I understand legroom in the back of the plane is tighter. So even when you’re flying economy, I would always try to snag a seat on the first available row.

Business class, as usual on flights intra Europe, consisted of economy seats with a blocked middle seat.

Seat row.

The magazine rack was above the tray table, underneath was a pouch to store some personal belongings. 

One thing this new chair was definitely lacking was a power port. Come one, Lufthansa: it’s 2021. 

People like to charge their phone or laptop during a flight. The plane also didn’t have wifi. If you know that Eurowings, the low cost subsidiary of Lufthansa offers wifi, this was lackluster as well. There was a place where the power port should be, but clearly Lufthansa picked the cheaper interior option.

Absent USB port.

I liked the design of the overhead panel.

Overhead panel.

Food and drinks

Lufthansa doesn’t offer any kind of pre-departure drink or water bottle. I’m not sure if that’s because of COVID or just a general cost-cutting measure. During boarding we were handed a disinfectant wipe. 

Our plane left the gate with a 20-minute delay because two passengers didn’t show up. They had to retrieve these passengers’ luggage and offload it. In the end we took off with a 30 minute delay. 

After take-off service started with drinks. I selected a gin-tonic, my travel companion had sparkling wine. The sparkling wine was German, a nice touch on a German airline. We both had a glass of sparkling water along with it and were served some apple biscuits as well. We were also presented with cute little menu cards.

The apple biscuits were really nice, although personally I prefer a salty snack before a meal. 

The menu reads as follows:

So the menu was inspired by the city of Hamburg. After the first round of drinks the main meal service started. 

The starter was described as a “beetroot potato terrine with smoked salmon trout , cucumber and creamy egg yolk”. It was really tasty.

As a main, I selected the vegetarian dumplings. My travel companion went with the stuffed chicken. We both enjoyed our dishes.

The dessert was a “whole-grain semolina mousse with cassis quenelle, elderflower jell, yoghurt sponge”. It wasn’t bad but also not my favorite part of the meal. 

To conclude the meal, I ordered a coffee and a few minutes later we were presented with a chocolate.

I congratulate Lufthansa with the new menus. The food was really tasty, I liked the cute little menu and on short haul flights you don’t often get to choose your main dish. So me happy!


All flight attendants I interacted with were friendly and professional. They didn’t proactively pass through the cabin to offer more drinks to passengers after the service, but when I pushed the call bell to order an extra coffee my call was swiftly responded to. 

Bottom line

The new Business Class menus on Lufthansa’s short haul flights are really nice. The food was delicious and nicely presented. I also like the fact that everything is served on proper chinaware. 

The new cabin of Lufthansa is ‘meh’, certainly not bad but also nothing to get excited about. Certainly the lack of wifi and power ports is a let down. Service was friendly and professional, but not proactive. All in all I definitely enjoyed my flight and would fly Lufthansa again in a heartbeat.

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