WorldPride 2025 moves from Taiwan to Washington DC, WorldPride 2026 awarded to Amsterdam

Pride Amsterdam will host WorldPride 2026. And Capital Pride in Washington DC takes over from Kaohsiung in Taiwan for WorldPride 2025.

25 years after making it possible for same-sex couples in the Netherlands to marry, Amsterdam will host WorldPride. 

“Amsterdam is known as a city of tolerance. With 180 nationalities it’s the most diverse city in the world”, the Bidding Committee says.

“The diversity is also related to our strong and vivid LGBTQIA+ community, which belongs to Amsterdam and strengthens its atmosphere of tolerance and creativity. It was in 2001 that the world’s first same-sex marriage was conducted by our former mayor.”

“We are proud of this fact and in 2026 we will celebrate 25 years of marriage equality. Nowadays, tolerance for and freedom of the LGBTQIA+ community is not widespread. Therefore, the city of Amsterdam has put serious effort into protecting our community. Each summer, the whole city celebrates Pride with us, and our aim is to promote our meaningful event on a larger scale, and WorldPride 2026 will be the perfect opportunity for this.”

Taiwan no-go

Meanwhile, Kaohsiung lost WorldPride 2025 back in August 2022. Kaohsiung insisted on naming the event WorldPride Taiwan 2025, but WorldPride initiator InterPride insisted on WorldPride Kaohsiung 2025.

“The final straw that led the negotiation to a deadlock was the abrupt notice from InterPride, requiring the name of the event to change from ‘WorldPride Taiwan 2025’ to ‘WorldPride Kaohsiung 2025’. This is despite the fact that the name “WorldPride Taiwan 2025” was used throughout the entire bidding process: From the bid application and the bid proposal evaluation to the voting process and the winner announcement back in 2021”, Kaohsiung Pride stated on Facebook.

InterPride replied with being “surprised”. 

The real reasons are political. Taiwan is a de facto independent country, but not de iure

Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, is always under threat of big brother the People’s Republic of China. The PRC pressures the rest of the world not to recognise Taiwan in any way. The Olympic team uses Chinese Taipei. Airlines are pressured not to use the name Taiwan. 

And the threat is real the PRC will invade the ROC in a more or less near future. PRC leader Xi Jinping is looking at how Vladimir Putin‘s Russia is handling his invasion of Ukraine and how the world reacts. 

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