Antwerp launches combination walk of St. Paul’s Church (Sint-Pauluskerk) and Sewers (Ruien)

On Thursday 4 May, Werkmmaat vzw (yes, with two m) and St. Paul’s Church (Sint-Pauluskerk) are launching a new guided combination walk. From Sunday 7 May, visitors can visit the courtyard of the church and then descend to the archaeological site of the Preachers’ Monastery (Predikherenklooster) from the 13th century. Visitors discover archaeological site and new ruin with guide.

Then it goes to the Keistraat where participants discover a piece of sewers that has never been opened to the public before. By collaborating with the St. Paul’s Church, Werkmmaat vzw wants to take visitors back in time and provide the link between the Sewers (De Ruien) and other archaeological sites, as they did before with the St. Charles Borromeo Church (Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk) combination walk.

New itinerary

The walk starts in the courtyard of the monumental St. Paul’s Church, after which participants first visit the crypt. Then it goes underground and back in time, to the archaeological site of the Predikherenklooster from the 13th century. 

Then it goes towards Keistraat where visitors enter the Sewers and visit a part that has not been opened before. This beautifully lit moat takes the walker to the end of the Koolvliet where they can take a look at Burchtgracht, the oldest and most authentic moat in Antwerp.

By collaborating with the church, Werkmmaat vzw wants to take visitors back in time and provide the link between De Ruien and other archaeological sites. The organisation previously applied this concept with a combi walk in collaboration with the St. Charles Borromeo Church.

The full range can be found on The walk is for participants from 10 years old.

The Sewers

Since the Middle Ages, the city has had a sophisticated system of canals, canals and vests, in which rainwater and domestic water could be drained, while it was also used as a supply channel for small boats. The net was expanded and refined over the centuries until it was finally 8 kilometers long. 

Since 2005, visitors have been able to discover this previously inaccessible historical heritage, and countless visitors have since taken a look at the underbelly of Antwerp’s inner city.

Alderman for Tourism Koen Kennis (N-VA) : “The ruins also tell a part of Antwerp’s history. The stories literally drip off the walls. Highly recommended for all Sinjoren and also for visitors to our city.”

Existing offer Werkmmaat vzw

Werkmmaat has been appointed by the city of Antwerp for the management and exploitation of the Antwerpse Ruien. By organizing walks, she wants to make this historic site under Antwerp’s city center known to a wide audience.

This new walk is in addition to the successful offer that they already offer to visitors, such as the classic sewer walk and the St. Charles Borromeo Church combination walk.

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    So beautiful church.
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    1. Timothy says:

      Indeed! Have a beautiful day, Elvira.

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        Thank’s Timothy.
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