Are you escaping Winter and going to Summer?

Ah, we Belgians love to complain. And if you want to complain without stepping on anyone’s toes, complain about the weather. So go to somewhere warm while it’s raining, storming, snowing or ‘colding‘ in the Kingdom of Belgium.

But what to wear? For my trip to Taiwan in December 2017 I flew from Cologne to Istanbul and then to Taipei with Turkish Airlines. This meant getting up early in Antwerp, taking a train to Brussels and the Thalys to Cologne. There I had about three hours to spend. So what to wear?

The answer is very simple, really: a thermo something T-shirt for the very cold days. And have a spare T-shirt in your hand luggage. On departure day I wore sweatpants, the thermo T-shirt, a hoodie and a summery bomber jack. I wasn’t cold in Antwerp, I wasn’t cold in Brussels and I wasn’t cold in Cologne. Where I didn’t have time for the Römisch-Germanischer Museum so I stayed on the streets.

I just changed at Köln / Bonn Airport. Which is amazingly oversized and thus quiet, by the way.

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  1. Simon S. says:

    Köln/Bonn Airport is so oversized, because it used to be the capital airport, when Bonn was still our capital. Only after the fall of the wall, when Berlin became capital again, and also passenger airlines rather flew to Frankfurt (M) or Düsseldorf, its passenger numbers fell. At least they still have a very busy freight terminal.

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    1. Timothy says:

      That makes sense. Thanks.


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