Pannenkoeken van ons Bomma – Granny’s Pancakes new at Exotische Markt in Antwerp


Wes, famous for his Wafeltjes van ons Bomma (Granny’s Waffles), launched on Saturday 9 March Pannenkoeken van ons Bomma: Granny’s Pancakes. Or more accurately: crêpes. He sells them at the Exotische Markt or Exotic Market in Antwerp on Saturdays.

Next to his waffle truck, Wes now brings along a trailer where he sells crêpes. I use the word crêpe because Wes and his little waffle and crêpe baking elves make French / continental style pancakes. Instead of the thick North American pancake suitable for Canadian maple syrup, crêpes are more popular in Belgium.


Takeaway or eat there

The concept is to buy freshly baked crêpes you can bring home and heat up there. About 30 seconds in the microwave is sufficient. They stay fresh a few days. A stack of five crêpes costs 6 euros.

Alternatively, you can have a crêpe there: one for 2 euros.

Wes offers several toppings including jam and light brown sugar, locally known as kinnekessuiker or children’s sugar.


Close-up of the crêpe and Wes’ portrait were provided by Wes.

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