PHOTOS | Salon Grand Voyageur lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon


The Salon Grand Voyageur lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon is open to first class ticket holders and members of the Grand Voyageur fidelity programme. It offers a quiet spot to sit down while waiting for your train.


The Salon is located in Hall 3 under the main tracks. It’s a bit hard to find.


I’ll be frank. It’s not luxurious by any means. You have some seats, some power outlets, a free coffee, tea and hot chocolate machine, free water and one toilet per gender.


What can I tell more? There’s WiFi, obviously. I didn’t feel like creating an account, but you can log in easily onto the station’s general free WiFi.

Although practical and included in your first class ticket, the Salon isn’t a place you will remember.


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  1. A great honest review. Thank you.

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