REVIEW | AENA Valldemossa VIP Lounge Palma de Mallorca airport

May 2021. The Belgian government lifted the ban on leisure travel in April, but strict travel rules limited options. As the Balearic Islandslles Balears or Islas Baleares – were a yellow zone, we booked flights to and a hotel in Palma de Mallorca.

As we were returning home in Iberia Business Class from Mallorca to Brussels via Madrid we were allowed access to the AENA VIP lounge in Palma de Mallorca airport. Due to corona only the Valldemossa lounge in the main terminal was opened, the other lounges in the C and D gate areas where currently closed. Finding the lounge itself proved to be confusing as it was located on the arrivals level and only a very small stair and elevator tucked away in a corner behind some shops provided access.

Upon entering the lounge we were greeted, our boarding pass scanned and immediately assigned a seat in one of the lounge’s different seating areas. The lounge was in a very bright and contemporary design, the major downside being that there were no exterior views, only a view of the arrival corridor.

The lounge offered a rather big food and beverage offering, but due to COVID there was no self-service, you walked passed the different counters offering food and drinks and told your selection to the staff which than come to serve you at your seat.

Upon visiting the toilets we had a funny contradiction, there was a big poster telling us to regularly wash our hands with soap and water, yet the water taps where turned off and you had to wash your hands with wet towels.

Al in all the Valldemossa lounge is a nice lounge to wait in, especially in a mostly touristic airport. And it of course is very nice to have an open and operating lounge in corona times.

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