REVIEW | Radisson Red Liverpool

Inspired by the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, we travelled by train to England in March. Combining ESC host city Liverpool with the industrial heritage of Manchester. Manchester to Liverpool was also the first steam railway line ever. A perfect pretext to travel to The North.

For our stay in Liverpool we selected the brand new Radisson Red located in the station of Liverpool Lime Street. It occupies the building of the historical railway hotel and thus has an excellent location to explore the city.

The hotel also perfectly manages to combine the classic style of the building with the modern and vibrant styling of Radisson Red whilst also including some references to Liverpool (like the red rubmarine in the lobby, a reference to the Beatles song of the ‘Yellow Submarine‘ but colouring it in the red of the brand). It feels very modern and playful yet stylish.

The check-in was a mostly self-service affair with the check-in agent coming to help you complete the forms on the computer, a bit of a strange arrangement. Personally I prefer the classic method of checking-in at a counter with a human, but I guess we’ll have to learn to live with ‘progress’.

Our room was located on the second floor and thanks to the wonderfully inviting stairs we mostly just walked up and down instead of using the elevators.

The room itself was mostly in a modern style with two very comfortable beds. They also provided some of the best pillows I’ve had up to date in hotel, almost like my pillow at home!

Storage was in an open closet, where you could also find the complimentary water bottles and coffee and tea facilities. The big TV against the wall also had a Chromecast to stream your own entertainment, which is always a big plus.

The bathroom while exceptionally large compared to the rest of the room was rather cold, and there being no heating made it a bit chilly at times. There was a big rain shower, unfortunately due to lacking a door it flooded the entire bathroom.

The hotel provided toiletries in multi-use containers featuring some funny quotes, completely on brand for Red.

Timothy also enjoyed working out in the hotel gym located in the basement. He was however disappointed that there were no towels or something to clean the equipment. And while there was a water dispenser there were no cups to drink from.

In the morning breakfast was served in the main restaurant Stoke. You could have coffees and food made to order from a menu and otherwise you could plunder the huge buffet. They also rotated some items each day so you would always find something new to try. Just like the rest of the hotel the restaurant featured a nice design and provided a fun environment.

All in all Radisson Red provided us with a solid stay and we look forward to staying at more locations of this new Radisson brand.

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