ANTWERP | Diamond museum DIVA reopens on Friday 24 March 2023

DIVA is the museum for diamonds, jewellery and silver located near the main square or Grote Markt of Antwerp. Over the centuries, Antwerp has always held a unique and important position for the diamond trade in the world. Currently, DIVA’s permanent exhibition is undergoing a transformation. The museum will reopen on Friday, the 24th of March 2023.

Antwerp is turning renovating museums to an Olympic sport. The Rubens House, FOMU and now DIVA. But it reopens soon.

DIVA celebrates 575 years of diamonds in Antwerp with a renewal of its permanent collection presentation.

From 24 March 2023, DIVA invites the visitor to follow the journey of the main themes in the collection, diamonds, jewelry and silver. This journey starts in a brand new room where the visitor is introduced to the raw materials, zooms in on recent developments in the sector such as urban mining, upcycling and lab-grown diamond, and also learns more about the issues of ecology and ethics.

Next, the visitor meets the experts, the dealers, the makers and the designers, and finally the characters who wear the jewels or use the silverware. In this way, the museum tells a broader story from raw material to object, or from the mine to the ring in seven thematic rooms.

In addition, DIVA emphatically focuses on the craftsmanship that lies behind the objects. The creation and production process of the jewelry and silver objects is brought to life thanks to image and sound fragments. There is also more attention for contemporary jewelry and silver designers in the choice of objects. With interventions in the field of public guidance, the museum wants to lower barriers and appeal to a wide audience. For example, an introductory text in each room guides the visitor, there is a new audio tour and the highlights of the collection are highlighted centrally.

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