Nuremberg’s Zeppelin Field with the Norisring

2020. Corona. Travelling is a different game. Yet our Fernweh acted up too often. So we arranged a train trip to Germany and Austria. Specifically to Leipzig in Saxony, several spots in Bavaria and returning home with ÖBB‘s Nightjet from Innsbruck in Tyrol to Brussels in Belgium.

Part of the Reichsparteitagsgelände or Party Congress Grounds in Nuremberg is the Zeppelinfeld or Zeppelin Field with its massive grandstand. It is infamous for iconic images of the huge NS party rallies. 

The grandstand is still in use and is part of the Norisring circuit, used for DTM. It was one of Albert Speer‘s first works for the NSDAP and was based upon the Pergamon Altar

The building oozes history. Even without the (blown up) pillars, the grandstand is massive. 

Norisring lay-out (Wikipedia)

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