Münchner Stadtmuseum – Munich City Museum

2020. Corona. Travelling is a different game. Yet our Fernweh acted up too often. So we arranged a train trip to Germany and Austria. Specifically to Leipzig in Saxony, several spots in Bavaria and returning home with ÖBB‘s Nightjet from Innsbruck in Tyrol to Brussels in Belgium.

Back in Munich after the Neuschwanstein adventure, we made time for the Münchner Stadtmuseum or Munich City Museum. It was warmly recommended by Frank

City museums can vary in quality, but Munich being a big, rich city with a rich, it is is absolutely worth a visit.


Its main exhibition is ‘Typically Munich‘ or ‘Typisch München‘. 

Over 400 exhibits trace the trials and tribulations of a city which – rightly or wrongly – many people count among their favorite places in the world. The exhibits chart how the city of Munich began to forge an identity of its own – relatively late in its history, following its seven-hundredth anniversary in 1858. 

They also demonstrate why words such as ‘city of art and beer’ have become so contentious here. And they chronicle the cultural upheavals around 1900, the city’s role during the National Socialist period, and its renaissance as West Germany‘s ‘secret capital’ during the country’s ‘economic miracle’. The residents – and indeed many visitors – all have very strong views on this city. Which explains why the reception of this exhibition is so diverse.

In five sections covering different eras, the exhibition presents the phenomena that epitomize Munich, exploring how long they have been viewed as typical, and above all why they are inextricably associated with the city.

The most famous item is without doubt the collection of Morris dancers or Moriskentänzer by Erasmus Grasser for the festival hall of the Old Town Hall, and the original puttos of the Mary’s Column (Mariensäule). 

Other exhibitions

Other exhibitions in the permanent collection are ‘Migration moves the City‘, ‘Puppet Theatre and Fairground Attractions‘, ‘Music‘ and ‘National Socialism in Munich‘.

That last one was closed. 

We also did the ‘Ready To Go! Shoe-motion‘ temporary exhibition. At the end of that we needed fresh air and some time without face mask.

Also go a have look at the online exhibition ‘The Coronavirus Crisis, as Seen by the People of Munich‘.


  1. The delicious German state secret: dining onboard Deutsche Bahn.
  2. VIDEO | Leipzig Hauptbahnhof.
  3. Leipzig Bayerischer Bahnhof.
  4. EAST GERMANY | Zeitgeschichtliches Forum, Leipzig’s GDR museum.
  5. Hyperion Leipzig.
  6. Leipzig.
  7. By ICE from Leipzig to Nuremberg.
  8. Nuremberg Transport Museum / DB Museum.
  9. Novotel Nuremberg City Centre.
  10. Documentation Center NS Party Rallying Grounds in Nuremberg.
  11. Nuremberg’s Zeppelin Field with the Norisring.
  12. Memorium Nuremberg Trials.
  13. Nuremberg’s real-life Playmobil Imperial Castle.
  14. You need at least two full days in Nuremberg.
  15. DB Regio from Nuremberg to Regensburg.
  16. Thurn und Taxis princely palace museum in Regensburg.
  17. Eurostars Park Hotel Maximilian Regensburg.
  18. Regensburg.
  19. With Alex from Regensburg to Munich.
  20. BMW Museum & BMW Welt in Munich.
  21. Munich’s Olympiapark.
  22. Sofitel Munich Bayerpost.
  23. Deutsches Museum’s Verkehrszentrum or Transport Centre in Munich.
  24. Deutsches Museum’s main site on Munich’s Museuminsel.
  25. By train to Neuschwanstein.
  26. Only 15 Minutes and No Photos in Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle.
  27. Museum of the Bavarian Kings in Schwangau near Neuschwanstein.
  28. Füssen in Bavaria, the gateway to Neuschwanstein.
  29. Nightjet Vienna/Innsbruck to Brussels, or how we got thrown off the train in Aachen.

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