REVIEW | Aeroméxico Villahermosa – Mexico City – Mérida on Boeing 737-8 MAX 

June 2022. Although I have been in Mexico before, the last time was in 1994-1995. Twenty-seven years later, Oriol and I are doing a classic tour of the United Mexican States, featuring Mexico City (CDMX); Palenque in Chiapas; Villahermosa in Tabasco; Uxmal, Mérida, Chichen Itza, Ek’ Balam, Valladolid,  and a few cenotes (waterholes) in Yucatán and Tulum in Quintana Roo. We returned via Cancún to CDMX and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

There was no direct flight from Villahermosa to Mérida. And after reading some travel advices, we didn’t dare to drive. In hindsight we just should have. Although nowadays rental cars are very expensive. But anyway, we flew Aeroméxico (AM) from VSA to MID with a stopover in Mexico (MEX).

The layover would be tight: 55 minutes. Any delay would mean we would miss the connection. And indeed. The plane was late arriving in VSA. 

So, our names were called through the PA. We were rebooked on a next flight from MEX to MID. That was nicely taken care of. New boarding passes and new bag tags. So yes, we would be in Mérida later, but only some two hours. 


The flights were very similar. Both operated by Boeing 737-8 MAX birds. We did survive.

The first plane had a ‘light’, mostly white version of the Aeroméxico livery. Inside, dark blue and white dominate, with touches of red. It looks very American, very Delta. I would have used green as in the Mexican flag.

Anyway. 2×3 seating configuration, with decent legroom for short haul. Oriol is adamant the leggroom space was different on both planes. The seat itself is okayish confortable.

On these short flights, we did get a drink and some peanuts. They didn’t have wine on board, but they did have tequila and rum. Priorities. 

Staying seated

On Volaris and on the first AM flight, we noticed how passengers are so disciplined staying seated until they’re supposed to get up. Less so in Mérida. Maybe Yucatán travellers are less compliant?

But flights were trouble-free and efficient. 


The second plane had the more traditional livery. We also boarded via the apron, which is always nice. To get on the bus which brought us to the plane, we received a number pointing us to a specific bus exit. 

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