Antwerp walking, hiking, running, cycling and skating trails presented on Hitta app 

You can now discover the District of Antwerp by using the new Hitta route and movement app. Too late for the 2020 lockdowns, but still a nice feature

You can follow 15 walking, hiking, running, cycling and skating routes and create new routes yourself. You collect points through the 150 checkpoints and discover nice places in the district.

Hitta‘ is Swedish for ‘to find’, it seems. 

Hitta app.

Walking, walking, cycling or skating routes

15 routes are now available in the free app, from 1.5 kilometers in the Harmoniepark (Harmony Park) to up to 10 kilometers at Linkeroever. The offering includes sporty running routes, quiet hiking routes and routes for a group. The number of kilometers and accessibility are indicated for each route. This way you know immediately whether a route is suitable for a buggy or wheelchair, for example.

There are also themed routes, such as around 100 years of the Olympic Games. Antwerp hosted the 1920 Summer Olympics.

In the future there will be several routes with new themes and of different distances.

Boot scraper.

Collect checkpoints

To complete a route, collect checkpoints. If you pass at the correct locations, you unlock these points with the app on your mobile and you also participate in the ranking. 

You can also collect checkpoints separately, if you have some time, or if you want to make your own route. The game element ‘capture the flag’ makes it even more exciting, the last one to pass at that point earns extra points.

Make your own route

You can also create your own route between the different checkpoints in the district. The route is saved in the app and you can walk or hike it again later. 

There are now 150 checkpoints with new ones being added all over the district.

Discover the routes

  • Nature on the Left Bank (Linkeroever), 10 km.
  • Antwerp center, 5 km.
  • Luchtbal, 4.5 km.
  • Nachtegalenpark (Nightingale Park), 5 km.
  • Park Spoor Noord, 4 km.
  • Stadspark (City Park), 2 km.
  • Harmonie, 4 km.
  • Harmonie, 1.4 km
  • Boot scrapers Sint-Andries (St Andrew’s), 2 km.
  • Boot scrapers Brederode, 4.5 km.
  • Boot scrapers ‘t Eilandje (The Island), 3.5 km.
  • Boot scrapers Kiel, 3 km.
  • Olympic Games 100 years walk of fame, 5 km

New routes and checkpoints are constantly being added.

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  1. famo says:

    alright, added it to my download list

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    1. Timothy says:

      I haven’t used it myself but I already downloaded it and it looks good.


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