EUROPEAN SLEEPER | ‘The Good Night Train’ Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin starts on 25 May 2023

“We did it! We are launching our own sleeper service BrusselsAmsterdamBerlin“, European Sleeper (ES) announced. The first journey will take ‘The Good Night Train‘ from Berlin to Brussels on Thursday 26 May 2023. The first return trip is on Friday 27 May. The service is due to run three times per week. Ticket prices start at 49 euros. Ticket sales open on 20 February 2023.

The Dutch-Belgian company has been able to find enough rolling stock, initiator Chris Engelsman tells Dutch website The train will consist of one sleeper car, eight couchette cars and one sitting car. 

Where ES has found its rolling stock, is yet unclear. 


The service is scheduled to depart from Brussels-Midi/Zuid on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.22 PM to arrive in Berlin Main Station at 6.48 AM.

The return trip is 10.56 PM in Berlin to arrive at 9.27 AM. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. 



A seat starts from 49 euros. A couchette from 79 euros and a bed from 109 euros. 

ES wants to integrate Interrail and Eurail, but that has to be arranged yet. Tickets will be sold via the European Sleeper website and via national railway companies.


European Sleeper wanted to run night train services to Prague in Czechia, with RegioJet. But due to engineering works in Germany, that won’t be possible before 2024. So the cooperation with RegioJet is on hold. 

“As a brand new, community-based railway company, we are introducing a special east-west connection between three European capitals. Comfortable couchettes, good beds and seats. Breakfast in compartment included; more catering options available. Bikes can be transported, pets in private compartments. We will start three times a week, daily if possible from 2024. Tickets from €49 for a seat and from €79 for a bed. From December 2023, the intention is to extend the rail service according to the original plan to Dresden and Prague”, European Sleeper says on its website. 

ES also wants to run night trains to Barcelona.

Prague Main Station.


We had lost our faith in European Sleeper to succeed, honestly, after many announcements but nothing firm. This is firm. But let’s see on Thursday 25 May. 

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